Maybe you have heard of Skinny Body Care or its all-natural weight loss product Skinny Fiber and are thinking about either buying Skinny Fiber or becoming a Skinny Fiber distributor.

First of all, there are a couple of requirements that you need to know as a Skinny Fiber distributor. Besides being able to use Skinny Fiber on a daily basis, Skinny Body Care also offers people the opportunity to earn an additional income.

If you’re only interested buying Skinny Fiber, then I suggest you to simply make an order as preferred customer from the official retail site.

Requirements Of A Skinny Fiber Distributor

  • The registration fee is $10. This is a one-time fee that is being paid when upgrading to Skinny Fiber distributor. (first you have to pre-enroll for free) $10 is a very small start-up cost for a home based business. There are no hidden fees and you receive around 15 free Skinny Fiber distributor and retail websites to market your business.
  • To stay active as a Skinny Fiber distributor, there’s a minimum monthly autoship requirement of $59.95 (1 bottle of Skinny Fiber). Skinny Fiber distributors are always allowed to purchase more product In many opportunities people are required to stay on an autoship of more than $100, which gives them more products than they really need.
  • Skinny Body Care offers 8 ways to get paid. Although the compensation plan is not the most important aspect of a business, it does help when it rewards you well. You’ll get a full overview of the compensation plan after pre-enrolling for free.

Now that you understand the requirements, it’s time to have a look at the advantages of being a Skinny Fiber distributor. Before going ahead and ordering Skinny Fiber as a distributor instead of buying the product as preferred customer, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions like:

  • does this product benefit me?skinny fiber
  • does this product benefit other people?
  • am I being rewarded well for my marketing efforts?
  • does the company care about its distributors and customers?

Advantages Of Being A Skinny Fiber Distributor

  • Although Skinny Fiber is an all-natural weight loss product, it mainly focuses on getting you healthy again. It does not only stop you from overeating, but also detoxes your body and burns fat. It’s possible that you’re already using a product like Skinny Fiber on a daily basis… so why not sharing it with other people?
  • There’s no need to immediately become a Skinny Fiber distributor. We suggest you to first buy Skinny Fiber as a preferred customer and later you can always decide to upgrade or simply stay our customer, with no special requirements.
  • Obesity is a worldwide epidemic and as a Skinny Fiber distributor, you have the opportunity to help thousands of people who are struggling to lose weight. Skinny Fiber doesn’t mean guaranteed weight loss; however, it already helped thousands of people to successfully lose weight.
  • Skinny Body Care provides all its distributors with a free back office and complete marketing system, including around 15 different marketing websites. If you want to help people lose weight, you can share our amazing weight loss testimonials with as many people as possible.

Skinny Body Care offers people the opportunity to earn an additional income from home by distributing a high-quality and all-natural weight loss product called Skinny Fiber. Although the company provides its distributors with free training and tools, you are completely free in how you and when you work your business. (for information about taxes and tax write-offs for home based businesses, please consult your accountant)

Click here to pre-enroll for free.

If you want to try Skinny Fiber as a preferred customer first, you can order it from the official retail site.