I haven’t been blogging on my site for over a year now and one of the main reasons is because we started our own production company in July 2014. A lot has changed in that year; some for the better and some for the worse.

Unfortunately, I have to announce that I gained all of my weight again and even added a bit more to my beer belly (see picture below). However, I’m happy to announce that I have started a new “challenge” last week.


What Went Wrong?

We were working very irregular hours during the past year and after a while I even started to forget about taking Skinny Fiber. To make a long story short: I was no longer seeing my health as my main priority.

Now that our company is finally becoming successful, a huge load of stress is being released. I can also try and focus on my health again without all the worrying.

A couple of weeks ago my niece recommended a natural doctor and said that he had helped her child with chronic stomach pain. I didn’t hesitate and made an appointment immediately.

So a week ago I was able to see him and he tested me. This was the result of the test:

My 14 year old chronic symptoms (with chronic fatigue as main symptom) are supposedly caused by 3 different factors:

  • 9 different food intolerances (yolk, alcohol, cow milk, wheat, sugar, citrus, pork, cacao & aspartame)
  • hormonal imbalances caused by my fontanel that didn’t close quickly as a baby and Chernobyl, which also resulted in the pituitary tumor
  • toxic load

The plan is to avoid those 9 food groups for at least 3 months and I’m also taking 7 different homeopathic remedies and natural treatments. I’m realistic enough to understand that I will not be healed in those 3 months, however, I hope to feel at least a bit better.

Not A Weight Loss Diet

My new diet is definitely not a weight loss diet. I’m not counting calories or excluding other foods (besides those 9). The main goal is simply to eat healthy in a natural and consistent way. I want to get healthy and feel great again. If I also lose weight along the way, then that’s a plus.

I would definitely lose more weight if I cut down on rice and potatoes too. However, I know that this is a diet plan that I can easily keep following for the rest of my life.

I also replaced the regular wheat products like bread and pasta with spelt-based products. Again, this obviously doesn’t help me to lose weight, but I can still enjoy these foods without feeling like I need to give up on so much.

I’ve been doing this diet for a week now and lost about 2 pounds, but most importantly the excessive amounts on mucus in my nose, throat and stomach is almost gone. I can finally breathe like a normal person again!

My recommendation to people who have chronic health issues or never seem to lose weight is to visit someone (doctor or dietician) who can test you on food intolerances. If you don’t know what food intolerances are or how they can affect your health, I suggest you to read this article.

Skinny Fiber

I have also decided that I’ll be taking my Skinny Fiber again on a daily basis. I have had great success with it in the past and it’s also easy to use.


Hopefully this blog post also gave you a bit more insight in your possible health issues. I will try to document the process on this blog again as much as possible. Maybe I won’t write as much as in the past, but I’m definitely using the Skinny Body Care weight loss tracker to track my weight on a daily basis.