What Is Sugar?

Sugar belongs, together with starch, to the food group “carbohydrates”. The human body requires carbohydrates for its daily energy. Therefore, there are still many people who think that you need sugar for energy. However, that’s complete nonsense since carbohydrates are also found in vegetables, lentils and quinoa for instance.

If you’d like to overcome your sugar addiction, you need to have knowledge about the types of sugars and their sources. This knowledge will help you make healthier choices.

The worst type of sugar, which you should avoid as much as possible, is refined sugar (processed at the factory). This sugar can be found in candy, cake and other sweets, but also in a lot of pre-packaged products in supermarkets.

Consumption of this sugar gives you a short kick. Shortly after, your energy level decreases and you get tired. Refined sugar makes you fat and has no nutritional value at all.

More Than 50 Different Types

overcome a sugar addictionDid you know that the food industry uses more than 50 different types of sugar? Our modern society is currently dealing with an obesity epidemic because most people don’t even realize that they are consuming a lot of sugar. Not only can you find sugar in cake, cookies, candy and other sweets, but also in gravy, soups, ready-made meals, cereal, muesli, yoghurt and donuts.

Restaurant chefs also often add a lot of sugar to their dishes. They aren’t only using sugar for desserts, but also to cook soups, salads, vegetables and meat dishes. There are even people who add sugar to their carrots.

If you study the packages in your refrigerator or pantry, you’ll understand that sugar comes in many different forms: refined sugar, glucose, fructose, maltodextrose, molasses, palm sugar, cane sugar and so on.

Opt For Natural Sugars

You can find natural sugars in fruit and vegetables for instance. These sugars are healthier than refined sugars because they’re being burned more slowly by the body. The combination with other healthy nutrients and fiber also causes less spikes in your metabolism.

So you can easily consume 1 to 2 pieces of fruit a day. It’s best to have fruit in the morning instead of later in the day, because in the evening your muscles are full of glycogen, which makes your body store excessive sugars as fat.

But be aware of the fact that natural sugars are still… sugars! Therefore, it’s recommended to also overcome your addiction to natural sugars. So stop consuming stevia, agave syrup, honey and other similar sugar-rich products. It’s also better not to squeeze your fruits, even if the juice is freshly squeezed, because squeezed fruit not longer contains fiber, which causes spikes in your blood sugar level.

How To Develop A Sugar Addiction

You need to understand that sugar addiction is a REAL addiction. Refined sugars and artificial sweeteners boost the production of dopamine in your brain. That’s why sugar makes you feel good and also why a sugar addiction is hard to overcome. Every body wants to feel good and the easiest and quickest way is by consuming these refined sugars.

How To Overcome A Sugar Addiction

Don’t underestimate a sugar addiction. It’s a real addiction that can only be overcome with a lot of discipline and willpower. Luckily, there are a lot of people who succeeded in the past, so you should also be able to overcome your sugar addiction.

5 Tips To Overcome Your Sugar Addiction

1. Know Thyself

Just like any other addiction, people are able to quit their habit in different ways. Some people overcome their addiction by quitting the habit “cold turkey”. Other people opt for a phased approach. Which approach do you like best? Be honest with yourself, know your own capabilities and decide which approach you’ll follow.

If you opt for a phased approach, you should make a weekly plan that shows you how you’ll reduce your sugar consumption. Create a realistic, but detailed plan and stick to it. If you do it cold-turkey, write down which sweets (and the quantities) you’ll never have again and which you’ll still eat.

Making a plan increases your chance at success, so don’t skip this first step.

2. Take Immediate Action

Take a look in your cupboards and throw away everything that contains refined sugar. Cookies, candy and other sweets have to go! Ready-made meals also belong in the bin. Throw them away and tell yourself to stop buying these products.

During your next supermarket visit, you should opt for healthy products, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. Often people are having a difficult time to find healthy snacks. This blog post offers you an overview of healthy foods that you can snack on daily.

If you want to go all the way, you should also get rid off your white (maybe even whole weat) bread and pasta. These products also cause spikes in your blood sugar levels. Research has shown that, besides sugar, wheat products could also be one of the main causes of obesity and certain diseases.

3. Opt For Natural Foods

If you only eat natural foods for at least 3 weeks, you’ll notice an improved taste and your sugar addiction will be gone. For some people adopting to such a new diet is hard, but it works.

4. Exercise & Sports

Exercising is not only healthy, it also makes you feel great. During exercise your body produces endorphins, leading to an effect known as runner’s high. It can be tough to start exercising if you have never been sportive before. You can try out different types of sports first to see what you like best.

5. Work On Your Mindset

All change starts in your mind. Every day you should take a moment to think about the enormous damage that sugar causes in your body. Imagine how hard your organs need to work to process the excessive amounts of sugar.

Consider how tired and lethargive sugar makes you feel. Think about the potential diseases you may suffer from if you keep consuming so much sugar. Why do you want to keep putting your life at risk?