If you want to lose weight, you have 2 choices to make: eat less or exercise more. If you opt for eating less, you’ll have to adopt to a healthy diet. The problem with “diets” is that most of the people who have tried to lose weight have failed at least once.

The question that arises then is how you can keep losing weight without exercising a lot? The answer is pretty simple: not only do you need to eat less… above all, you need to make smarter, healthier choices!

Less Fast Carbs & Processed Fatty Foods

The body needs certain fats, particularly unsaturated fats, to fuction optimally and to burn… well, fats. Omega 3 (to be found in eggs and oily fish) for example promotes fat burning in the body. This is contrary to the idea that fatty food makes you fat!

However, there’s an exception, which is a group of fats that you should eliminate from your diet. These are the processed fats. These fats are found in fried foods and in most sweet factory-made snacks. These fats are full of empty calories and also have a negative impact on your hormones. A “beer belly”, for example, is often the result of a hormone imbalance which in turn is a direct result of eating too much processed food!

Fast burning carbohydrates (in bread, rice and pasta for example) cause fluctuations in your blood sugar levels and provide a feeling of satiety for only a short period of time. This makes you hungry again fast, even though you just had a big meal. It’s important to replace fast burning carbohydrates for slow burning carbohydrates to keep you satisfied longer after meals; this will eventually make you eat less.

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More Slow Burning Carbs

Slow burning carbohydrates are the opposite of fast burning carbohydrates. The name says it all, these carbohydrates are slowly being absorbed into the blood and don’t cause large fluctuations in your blood sugar. Therefore, slow burning carbohydrates provide a long feeling of satiety after a meal. You can find slow burning carbohydrates in vegetables, legumes, such as beans or lentils and certain dairy products.

More Protein

If you want to eat less, consuming more protein is always a great option. Proteins provide a full feeling and don’t provide the body with too much (unnecessary) energy. Good sources of protein are meat and fish, eggs, nuts and seeds.

For those who wish to lose weight, the following foods are an excellent source of protein:

  • chicken breast
  • turkey breast
  • roast beef
  • tuna
  • salmon
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • seeds

More Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber can be found in vegetables, fruits and nuts. Dietary fiber also provides a full feeling while reducing hunger. If you consume more protein, you’ll be less hungry and lose more weight as a result.

An all-natural weight loss supplement like Skinny Fiber can also help you feel full and lose weight.

In addition to making the above adjustments, it’s also important to stop drinking sodas and juices, and opt for water or (green) tea. You should also limit your consumption of junk food and opt for healthy snacks instead.

Gradual Changes Are The Key To Eat Less

It’s important to gradually eat less. By gradually eating less your body can get used to your new diet. If you go from a high sugar consumption to a low sugar consumption too quickly, you’ll crave for sugar the entire day. You’ll most probably give into that craving eventually.

Therefore, it’s best to start making adjustments to your breakfast. A couple of weeks later, you can adjust your lunch and so on.

Eating Less & Still Not Losing Weight

Many people wonder why they aren’t losing weight although they eat very little. The explanation is simple: if you skip meals and don’t eat enough, you’re disrupting your metabolism. Your body goes into “starvation mode” and starts to hold onto the calories in the form of fat.

The result is that you’re able to eat less without gaining weight. Moreover, your body will “protest” and you might experience dizziness, headaches, insomnia and even stomach ache.

Fortunately, there are several ways to boost your metabolism. Just remember that getting healthy always starts with eating right!