Today is December 2, 2015.

Total weight loss after 3 months: 13 lbs. (5,9 kg.)

In 12 weeks I went from 184.7 lbs. (83.8 kg.) to 171.7 lbs. (77.9 kg.)

I have been on this food intolerance diet for 3 months now. I did not consume any of the following food groups during those 12 weeks:

  • pizzayolk
  • alcohol
  • cow milk
  • wheat
  • sugar
  • citrus
  • pork
  • cacao
  • aspartame

My Evolution

Let’s have a look at the (average) results per month in order to see my evolution.

1st month: 6 pounds/2,7 kg.

2nd month: 1.5 pounds/700 gr.

3rd month: 6 pounds/2,5 kg.

The numbers don’t match exactly, but that’s because of rounding up. You can clearly see that the second month was the hardest. I remember that I was very frustrated around week 6 because I gained weight again and that felt like a setback.

I didn’t eat any differently during the second month, so I don’t know what caused the weight gain.

This is how my daily diet looked like during the past 3 months:

Morning: oatmeal smoothie with fruits, pure berry juice, nuts and chia seed.

When I get hungry, I usually have a couple of small rice waffles and later on I take my Skinny Fiber capsules.

Noon: vegetable soup with spelt bread or/and leftovers of yesterday’s dinner

Evening: dinner (no desserts or snacks after dinner)


A Quick Look Into The Future

I’m allowed to have pork, citrus, yolk and aspartame (although I will never consume chemical garbage like aspartame anyway) again. I’m still not allowed to consume the other foods.

I’m inclined to believe that this food intolerance theory is total nonsense since I still feel like crap. However, I will continue with the diet because of the positive weight loss results.

I currenlty run around 12 miles/20 km. a week and hope to be able to increase it a bit step by step. Exercise is helpful to lose weight, however, it’s still all about eating healthy and reducing your portions and calorie intake. You can run for hours… if you eat a lot of crappy food afterwards, you will most probably gain weight instead.

I don’t really have a target goal, however, I would like to lose at least the same amount of weight again during the next three months. We’ll see!