Changing your diet is just the first, although most important, step to lose weight. Keeping up with your diet is the second, and often the hardest, step.

Most specific weight loss diets fail in the long term because they’re too restrictive. Moreover, some people even think that a “weight loss diet” requires you to be hungry to succeed. Thus, in these cases isn’t a lack of will power or self-control that makes people fail, but both the characteristic of a “weight loss diet” and knowledge play a important role here.

In general, your body doesn’t appreciate it when you eat less. A reduction of calorie consumption will eventually force your body to take countermeasures in order to compensate for the loss of energy.

One of these important countermeasures is that your body is trying to increase your appetite, especially for (sugar-rich) snacks that provide quick energy.

How can you avoid this almost inevitable increase in appetite that is associated with dieting? By opting for a healthy and nutrient-rich diet, and adding nutrients that might help in reducing appetite, reduce the absorption of sugars and boost your metabolism.

Which Nutrients Can Help You Lose Weight?

I recommend the following 9 nutrients because they have a very good reputation, which is based on scientific research and testimonials. They are also a great addition to a healthy diet.

An example: it’s pretty difficult when your diet limits the consumption of carbohydrates to approximately 20% of your total calories. But when you add foods or nutrients that block sugar to your diet, you’re allowed to consume more carbohydrates.

These strategies can help you sustain your diet and increase your chances at losing weight in the long term.

The 9 nutrients below belong to 1 of the following categories which influence each other:

  • blocking of sugar and fat
  • suppressing the appetite
  • boosting the metabolism

Is a shortage of carbohydrates causing a problem? Try nutrients or foods that block sugar.

If your metabolism has slowed down because of your diet, you can consume foods or nutrients that boost your metabolism.

Do you sometimes suffer from hunger pains or feel almost literally sick because of hunger? Then try out some of the foods or nutrients from the list below.

If you’d like to receive more information regarding the following nutrients, you can always consult a health care provider. A dietician, for instance, can help you find the right nutrients and foods that are required for your diet.

1. Brown Algea Extract

brown algaeGood for: blocking sugar

How it works: brown algea extract blocks these two digestive enzymes: glucosidase (which breaks down simple carbohydrates glucose) and amylase (which helps break down starch into glucose molecules).

In studies in laboratories the blood sugar level fluctuations after meals were reduced by 90% in comparison with animals that didn’t receive the supplement. The blood insulin level was reduced by approximately 40%.

Recommended dose: 250 mg. per day

2. Green Coffee Beans Extract

green coffee beans extractGood for: blocking sugar

How it works: a rich source of chlorogenic acid which prevents the formation of the digestive enzyme glucosidase, as well as the production of sugar, which leads to the enzyme glucose 6. phosphase. The result is a lower blood sugar level after the meal.

Recommended dose: 200 to 400 mg. per day.

3. L-arabinose

l-arabinoseGood for: blocking sugar

How it works: L-arabinose prevents the digestive enzyme sucrose, which leads to the breakdown of sucrose into glucose and fructose in the digestive tract for absorption into the blood stream. The result is an improved blood sugar and insulin level.

Recommended dose: 250 mg., two times a day. Take it 15 minutes before the biggest meal of the day.

4. White Kidney Beans

white kidney beans

Good for: blocking sugar

How it works: white kidney beans contain substances that interfere with amylase, the digestive enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates. If carbohydrates aren’t broken down into small enough units, the body isn’t unable to absorb them and can’t make use of the calories they provide. The outcome of the study was the loss of approximately 6.5 lbs. (3 kg.) over a period of 30 days.

Recommended dose: take a dose of 45 mg. twice a day, 15 minutes before the biggest meal of the day.

5. Propolmannan

PropolmannanGood for: blocking fat

How it works: propolmannan is a soluble fiber that enters the bonding with acids of the bile into the small intestine, which helps to spread them throughout the body. In general, this will help to prevent excess calories from entering your bloodstream.

In studies that included a placebo group, participants who used propolmannan lost an average of 9 lbs. (4 kg.) in 8 weeks.

Recommended dose: 2 g., twice a day. Take it about 15 minutes before the biggest meal of the day.

6. Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango)

Irvingia Gabonensis (African Mango)Good for: suppression of appetite

How it works: consuming African mango causes a loss of appetite by reducing the resistance to leptin (leptin is a hormone that signals the brain to stop eating). The average weight loss is about 22 lbs. (10 kg.) in 10 weeks.

Recommended dose: 150 mg., twice a day

7. Fucoxanthin

FucoxanthinGood for: boosting the metabolism

How it works: unlike many other “fat burners” that stimulate the central nervous system, this substance affects the fat cells directly.

Scientists have also discovered that the beneficial weight loss effects of this substance can be improved when combining it with the intake of the pomegranate seed oil. The active ingredient in pomegranate oil reduces the blood flow to the adipose cells and prevents their growth.

Recommended dose: 200 to about 400 mg. per day. Take this dose approximately 15 minutes before the biggest meal of the day.

8. Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic AcidGood for: boosting the metabolism

How it works: a study shows that a dose of 3.4 g. of alpha lipoic acid a day during a period of 12 weeks is sufficient to reduce the body fat mass index of obese people.

A study that was carried out over a period of 6 months in obese adults clearly showed that this substance also reduced body fat in specific parts of the body.

Recommended dose: 3 to 4 g. per day.

9. Green Tea Extract

green tea

Good for: boosting the metabolism

How it works: The main antioxidant in this substance is called epigallocathecine 3 gallate or EGCG. This antioxidant is very beneficial for your health and also boosts your metabolism.

Recommended dose: the recommended dose is 150 to about 300 mg. per day or simply drink green tea!


We’re all fully aware of the fact that losing weight can be a difficult challenge. It can be even more difficult when your body sabotages all your weight loss efforts. (by slowing down your metabolism for instance)

Don’t give up when things get hard and always be willing to fight back. This can be done by learning more about healthy food and weight loss strategies in general. Hopefully, weight loss tips such as these 9 nutrients in the list above can make your diet more varied and nutritious.