When it comes down to losing weight in a healthy way, the little things often make the biggest difference. These 50 simple tips will help you to easily shed some pounds.

1. Cinnamon boosts the metabolism. Half a teaspoon per day will burn an extra 2 pounds per month.

2. Red meat is full of proteins and nutrients for the muscles. Muscles burn four times more calories than fat. To enjoy its benefits, you do need to build muscle, because eating a lot of red meat is pointless when you’re inactive.

3. Eat red peppers. They boost your metabolism with 25%.

4. Eat melons (vitamins) and eggs (proteins) for breakfast. The eggs break down the carbohydrates in the melons. It’s the perfect breakfast to burn fat!

5. Spinach contains a lot of fiber, which helps the body to efficiently deal with fat.

6. Eat pomegranates, especially the seeds. The oils in the seeds will make the body store less fat. Moreover, they reduce your cravings for sweet foods.

7. Beans contain enzymes that help break down stored fat.

8. Tomatoes on your sandwich also helps you to feel full longer, making you snack less in between meals.

9. Paprikas contain a lot of vitamine C and help your body to convert fats into energy.

10. Lentils you can help you lose 15 additional pounds in 10 weeks. The amino acids help burn fat.

11. Good fats also help burn fat. So eat eggs, canola oil and walnuts.

12. Eat pineapples to boost your metabolism and break down proteins.

13. Tortilla chips contain half as much fat as potato chips and they’re also being released more slowly into bloodstream. Note that they’re still high in salt and fat.

14. Only eat protein-rich snacks that contain a maximum of 150 calories.

15. A few drops of soy sauce makes you eat less because your brain receives the signal that you’re satisfied.

16. Replace whole milk with skimmed milk: it contains fewer calories and more calcium.

17. Drink carrot juice. It’s full of fibers and nutrients that help you lose another 4 pounds every 3 months.

18. Choose natural fruit juice with pulp. These fibers make you feel full longer.

19. A glass of red wine helps to prevent the accumulation of fat, particularly around the waist.

20. Drink green tea. It reacts with caffeine and thus increases fat oxidation while boosting the metabolism by 20 percent.

21. Avoid energy drinks: energy is being released into your body too fast, which makes you more fat.

22. Salad dressings based on vinegar make your body burn fat faster.

23. A bit of olive oil in salads helps you feel full, so you’re less likely to overeat.

24. Switch regular cheese with goat cheese: it contains 40% less calories.

25. Cut your food into small pieces. Sliced food is considered 27 percent more than it actually is, so you end up eating less.

26. Barbecuing removes extra fat from the meat, and hence extra calories.

27. Have an apple before each meal. It will make you eat 187 calories less during lunch or dinner.

weight loss tips28. A healthy breakfast will help you to eat about 100 calories less throughout the rest of the day.

29. Add lupine seeds to your bread. They’re rich in fibers which makes you feel full longer.

30. Avoid prepared and processed foods. Don’t eat it if it hasn’t been grown or lived.

31. Chew sugar free bubblegum after dinner. It will help you to reduce cravings.

32. Use a calcium supplement and burn 2.6% more fat.

33. Take 1 daily capsule containing oil of borage seeds. 80 percent of the people who use such a supplement are able to avoid weight increase.

34. Take 1 daily capsule with linoleic acid, which helps slow down the growth of fat cells and lose 9% of fat in 1 year.

35. Exercise with your partner or friends. You’ll be able to encourage each other and it’s simply more fun!

36. Exercising early in the morning helps you burn fat and energizes you throughout the day.

37. Listen to stimulating music while exercising. It can help you persevere!

38. Take a walk after each meal to support the digestion and the fat-burning enzymes.

39. If you go to the gym, use the treadmill. Running burns that most amount of calories in a short time.

40. Sex can burn up to 150 calories per 20 minutes. It also boosts your metabolism and helps build muscle.

41. Don’t have lunch at your desk. By eating consciously, you’re consuming 250 calories less per day!

42. Listen to relaxing music while eating. It will make you chew more slowly and eat less.

43. Turn off the TV while eating. Distraction makes you eat more, which results into an additional 7 pounds per year.

44. Sitting down instead of standing up or walking while eating will make you chew more.

45. Eat in company of (skinny) friends. Research has shown that people match their food intake with their table partners. If you’re sharing the dinner table with people who eat less, you’ll most probably also eat less.

46. De-stress. Stress only causes you to eat more. Controling your breathing for 2 minutes for instance can even make the hunger disappear.

47. Laugh a lot! Daily laughter of 10 to 15 minutes laughter increases the calorie burn by 280 calories per week or 40 per day.

48. Acupuncture helps you lose an extra 9 pounds in 3 months. The needles trigger electrical pulses that suppress appetite.

49. Multiply your ideal weight by 30 to know how many calories a day you’re allowed to consume.

50. By not eating during three hours in between meals, your metabolism will remain balanced. Doctors also advise you not to eat 4 to 5 hours in between meals. It’s important to give your body the time to digest the food.