It’s been exactly one month since I started my food intolerance diet. I made the commitment to post an update at least every 30 days, so here’s the first blog post.

Today is October 1, 2015.

Total weight loss after 4 weeks: 6 lbs. (2,7 kg.)

In 4 weeks I went from 184.7 lbs. (83.8 kg.) to 178.8 lbs. (81.1 kg.)

Besides the fact that my excessive mucus in my stomach, throat and nose has been reduced drastically, I have not felt any less fatigued yet. The weight loss also seems king of insignificant. Yes, I have lost 6 pounds, but hoped to lose a lot more. However, I also need to put things into perspective before judging…

Putting Things Into Perspective

People say that it takes at least 6 weeks to feel any effect of a food intolerance diet. My body has been “poisoned” with the wrong foods for over 15 years and it will require a lot of time for it to heal. And even when my organs are fully functioning again, it will still take some time to feel the positive effects.

Since only 4 weeks have passed, my body is probably not even in the position to get healthy again. So any positive change should encourage me to keep going. Heck, 1 month ago there was so much mucus in my throat that it was choking me in my sleep! And most of my days were spent in bed and on the couch while I have definitely been more active during the past 2 weeks.

Be Patient…

patience-150x150I also have been able to run for 25 minutes once a week (sometimes twice a week). If I really get healthy and start to feel better again, I should be able to run every day, which has been one of my biggest dreams for 15 years.

Running for 30 minutes burns around 400 calories, which is definitely not enough to lose weight quickly. It’s a start, however, and I will work hard to be able to increase my exercise.

I have not cheated on my diet once, although I felt tempted during the second week. Hopefully I will not get disappointed again when my fatigue isn’t decreasing.

Just like with any other chronic health problem, you start a therapy or health plan with a lot of courage… which unfortunately always completely vanishes if you don’t see any positive results.

This is my last opportunity and I hope I can post an even more positive blog in 30 days from now!