Would you like to eat healthy snacks? Well, it’s not always easy to find the right snacks for you these days. In our modern society, many foods are processed with unhealthy ingredients, which makes it hard to find healthy snacks.

Maybe you’re really trying hard to have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, but having a problem finding healthy snacks. And these snacks are often the major culprit causing you not to lose weight.

Don’t worry, in this blog posts I’m giving you 10 healthy snacks, so that you can now eat healthy while losing weight faster.

10 Healthy Snacks

vegetables1. Vegetables

Cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, pickle and avocado are all vegetables that actually require no preparation. So you can eat as much as you can at any time of the day, which make these vegetables the perfect healthy snack!

Did you know that vegetables consist of 90% water? Since there aren’t any calories in water, you can already guess that there are also very few calories in vegetables. Yet, they contain many vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Moreover, almost all vegetables have a very low glycemic index, making them very healthy!

2. Fruit

fruitFruit have similar characteristics to vegetables. The major difference between fruit and vegetables is that fruit contains a lot more calories in the form of sugars. But be assured, these sugars are packed with fiber, which makes them being digested slowly. That’s why it doesn’t make people fat.

It’s those fruit sugars that give fruit a delicious sweet taste that you often long for in a snack. Even though fruit is extremely healthy, it’s not recommended to indefinitely continue eating it. 2 to 3 servings of fruit per day is recommended and a bit more is allowed, but don’t exaggerate.

3. Dried Fruit

dried fruitDried fruits are often very sweet and also contain additional vitamins, minerals and fiber. Because the water has evaporated from these fruits, they are less healthy than fresh fruits. But this snack is still a lot healthier than chips or candy, because those types of snacks often no longer include any nutrients at all.

Dried fruit contains a lot of fiber that makes you feel full quickly. They are often so sweet that you’re satisfied fast. Those types of snacks are exactly what you need to lose weight! Choose sundried fruis and also the unsulphured variants as the healthiest choice.

4. Nuts

nutsWalnuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios are very healthy snacks. These nuts contain a lot of good fats while they’re low in carbohydrates. They are full of great nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and fiber. Nuts also provide your body with a more beautiful skin, nails and hair. Research has determined that they also help you lose weight. This is partly due to serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that reduces appetite and increases the feeling of happiness.

Make sure that you eat unroasted and unsalted nuts! Nuts with a crispy layer of sugar should also be avoided. And in contrast to what many people believe, peanuts aren’t nuts, but legumes!

seeds5. Seeds

Pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds are examples of seeds that you can easily consume as a healthy snack food. The physical properties of seeds (kernels) are much like those of nuts.

6. Legumes

legumesLegumes are also very healthy, because of the high amount of fiber, proteins and antioxidants. Moreover, they’re low in fat. It’s striking that legumes contain a relatively large amount of carbohydrates, but these are slow-burning carbohydrates. Further research has shown that legumes have a positive effect on obesity. Examples of legumes are peanuts, peas, beans and lentils.

boiled egg7. Boiled Egg

A boiled egg isn’t the fastest snack to prepare, but definitely a healthy one. An egg is very rich in protein. Having a boiled egg in the morning ensures you that you’re less hungry throughout the rest of the day.

Furthermore, a boiled egg is healthier than a fried egg because you don’t need to use butter or oil.

8. Crackers

crackersThere are many types of crackers and most of them will certainly not help you to lose weight. Yet, there are more healthy crackers being sold in the supermarkets nowadays. Unfortunately, these are usually only to be found organic stores. The advantage of these crackers is that they often contain a great combination of various healthy ingredients, making them also an excellent snacks.

9. Rice Cakes

rice cakes

Rice cakes aren’t the most healthy snacks. This is because rice cakes actually contain no useful nutrients and have a high glycemic index. But the advantage is that rice cakes contain very few calories and you can eat them like that. It also contains no unhealthy substances, such as added colorings or flavorings. The biological rice cakes actually only consists of rice.

10 Chocolate

chocolateChocolate is the ultimate snack for a lot of people. Most chocolate in the supermarket is very unhealthy though. Cacao is the basis of chocolate and also very healthy. But most chocolate bars are made from roasted cocoa beans, which makes the cacao no longer healthy. In addition, they add a lot of sugar and other unhealthy ingredients to the final product.

You can still eat healthy chocolate made from raw cocoa beans and all-natural sweeteners like organic cane sugar for instance. You can find this type of chocolate in organic grocery stores.