Today is September 7, 2016.

Total weight loss after 12 months: 57 lbs. (25,8 kg.)

In 12 months I went from 184.7 lbs. (83.8 kg.) to 128 lbs. (58 kg.).


Did I Reach My Target Weight?

A couple of months ago I wrote that I wanted to reach the 128 pounds (58 kg.). So yes, I have reached my target weight and my BMI score is now a healthy 20.8.

I still kind of think hat my belly doesn’t look great, but that’s most probably because of the excessive skin. I also can’t build any muscles since 10 push ups or sit ups give me muscle pain for 3 days.

A Healthy Diet For A Healthy Body…

During the past year, I have learned that if you’re healthy and able to exercise regularly, you can easily lose a lot of weight by making a few major changes to your diet. My recommendation is that you reduce your consumption of grain (only eat whole grains in limited amounts) and red meat, and completely ban sugar and alcohol from your diet.

My favorite weight loss food has defintely been my breakfast-lunch smoothie. It’s a smoothie made of sugar-free natural berry juice (blueberries or black berries) and often contains mango (or strawberries and kiwis), spinach, cucumber, nuts, chia seeds and oatmeal. You can mix it up according your own taste.

The Present & The Future

I have been suffering from runner’s knee since June 2016 and it will most probably take a few years to recover from that injury. Luckily, I have been able to keep losing weight during the past months without running. So my runner’s knee should not be an excuse to gain the weight again!

I know what I’m allowed to eat, but most importantly what I’m NOT allowed to eat. If you’re afraid of regaining the weight after losing it, I suggest you to read my blog post “4 Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism”.

It would be nice to lose some more weight, but focusing on weight loss shouldn’t be necessary anymore. I just want keep doing what I do to stay as healthy as possible.

Prof. De Meirleir

I want to conclude this blog post with letting you know that I have been tested at Prof. De Meirleir’s ME/CFS clinic during the past few weeks. I have to go back for a stamina test and to receive the test results on October 17, 2016 and hopefully he’ll find a treatment that works for me.

Unfortunately, I’m still just as sick as last year. The only thing that has improved a lot is the excessive mucus in my throat and stomach. I’m posting regular updates on Facebook regarding my clinic visits and will most probably also write about it on this blog later on.