Welcome To BestWeightLossJourney.com

My name is Jens Holvoet. I created BestWeightLossJourney.com as a way to help people who struggle with their weight or health in general.

In order to understand the purpose of BestWeightLossJourney.com, you need to understand who I am and what I have been going through.

My Story

manneken-pisI was a very athletic child who unfortunately had to give up competition sports because of chronic fatigue syndrome. I never had any health issues before I got sick and was weighing around 121 pounds (55 kg).

It’s not my intention to write down my life story here, but shortly put I have been suffering from chronic fatigue, muscle pain, excessive mucus in the nose, throat and stomach and concentration problems for more than 15 years. These symptoms occer 24/7, with the chronic fatigue making life extremely difficult.

During the first years of being sick, I was doing my best to try and live a normal life. Luckily, unlike many other people emotional eating has never been part of my coping skills. Drinking, however, that has been an issue during certain periods of my life.

But besides all the drama and typical life events that passed by, I have always been focused on and dedicated to beating this disease. And because I was still able to exercise on a regular base, it took more than 10 years for me to gain all those excessive pounds.

Your Weight Should Be A Priority…

still-losing-weightNeedless to say that during those many years my weight has never been a priority. Actually, a lot of people never think that being overweight is an important issue until it’s too late. Since it’s almost too late for me now, I’m making a vow to myself to make a drastic change.

BestWeightLossJourney.com doesn’t only serve as a diary for myself, but also for anyone else who is interested in losing weight and getting healthy in general. Here I document my progress, thougths and write about health in general.

If you spend some time on this website, you will understand that I don’t just have to deal with being obese. The medical industry is deliberately refusing to educate and treat ME/CFS patients because this would mean that they would have to admit that ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia are physiological diseases.

And that would cost the government a lot of money on disability checks. Moreover, it’s easier and more profitable to “treat” us with cognitive behavioral therapy since that “treatment” has been proven to work counterproductive. Treatments that don’t solve the cause of a disease can be given forever until the patient is either broke or dead.

The facts are that no real ME/CFS patient has ever shown any significant improvement with CBT. Many patients simply keep getting worse because the physiological causes are deliberately being ignored.

And the worse your condition gets, the more the government can blame it on you: “you simply don’t want to get better”, “it’s all in your mind”, “if you think positive, you’ll feel better”… but you don’t, so it’s all your fault…

So throughout the years I had no choice but to educate myself when it comes to my disease. I have decided to go for a holistic approach. I will keep trying to heal myself like I have been doing for the past 15 years while also trying to lose as much weight as possible IN A HEALTHY WAY!

I hope that my story can inspire other people to make a healthy change. If you are following my journey to recovery and want to ask me something or simply connect with me, you can do so through this contact form or my Facebook Page.

My Weight Loss Journey

My goal is to lose weight in a healthy weight, without following a specific diet. The only weight loss supplement that I plan to use is an all-natural weight loss supplement called Skinny Fiber.

Like I said before, I won’t follow any specific weight loss diets or join an organization like Weight Watchers or Fat Fighters. So I plan to do this on my own and will try to achieve results using my own experiences. If you have been trying to lose weight, but never achieved any results, I would definitely encourage you to see a dietician.

My personal motto is “don’t knock it until you try”. You would be suprised to see what you have possibly done wrong. Also, there could be many different reasons for why you’re not able to lose any weight, like an undetected disease for instance.

My Weight Loss Journey Blog

For detailed information and my personal experiences, you can follow my weight loss journey blog posts. It’s not my goal to document each week or month in detail, but you will still learn how I achieved my results and what my struggles were.

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